Fluent 2015

Quick takeaways from Fluent 2015...

  • With the assistance of the Linux Foundation, io.js and Node.js will join a community-led and industry-backed consortium to lead the development of Node.js (essentially healing the fork)

ImageWe can all get along: Standard-bearers for io.js, Node.js, the Linux Foundation, me (because I’m awesome), and key industry leaders who rely on this ecosystem

  • React.js seems to be a proper application of the functional programming aspects of JavaScript that I actually like
  • Be an ES2015 (ES6) JavaScript module-first shop: developing and testing individual components is how real, big-boy codebases scale (transpile to global ES5 to deliver to today’s browsers, while developing for the future)
  • PHP takes further steps towards a Java-like syntax with PHP 7

ImageRasmus Lerdorf said that PHP for a thin data marshaling layer is good and bloated PHP apps are bad - completely agree!